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Amaranthine Series: (paperback & ebook)
1. Shades of Gray
2. Legacy of Ghosts
3. Ties of Blood
4. Ashes of Deceit
5. Heart of the Raven
6. Children of Shadows
7. Clash of Legends
8. Masque of the Vampire
9. Goddess of Night

Stand Alone Novels: (paperback & ebook)
Patrick's Story: Brothers of Darkness
TBA: Micah's Novel

Short Story Collections: (paperback & ebook)
Tales of the Executioners, Vol 1
Tales of the Executioners, Vol 2
Vampire Morsels: 17 short stories
Heart of the Raven: the Mini Prologue Collection
Tales from the Island: Six Short Stories (Companion to Children of Shadows)
Thirteen Guests: 13 short stories (Companion to Masque of the Vampire)

Short Stories: (ebook only)
Weeping Hemlock (Only available to Patrons on Patreon and in the Amaranthine Typo Hunt)
Deal with the Devil: Jorick's origin story (Only available to Newsletter Subscribers)
A Different Time
Honeymoon Havoc
Road to Darkness: The companion short to Brothers of Darkness
101 Tips for Traveling with a Vampire

Collector's Editions: (paperback only)
Features the silhouette-style cover and extra content
Patrick's Story: Brothers of Darkness
Shades of Gray Collector's Edition
Legacy of Ghosts Collector's Edition
Ties of Blood Collector's Edition
Ashes of Deceit Collector's Edition
Heart of the Raven Collector's Edition
Children of Shadows Collector's Edition
Clash of Legends Collector's Edition
Masque of the Vampire Collector's Edition
Goddess of Night Collector's Edition

Handbooks:(paperback only)
Amaranthine Files: Official Illustrated Handbook

Serialized Versions: (Dreame, WebNovel, Vella, etc)
Eternal Night
        Gender Swap version exclusive to serialization
Amaranthine Complete Saga
        Also includes Honeymoon Havoc and Another Time
Tales of the Executioners
        Includes both volumes and the expanded versions
Vampire Morsels
        Includes the expanded versions
Brothers of Darkness

Strange Portals (An Ink Slingers Fantasy/Horror Anthology)
        featuring Verchiel and Predator
When the Lights Go Out (An Ink Slingers Horror anthology)
        featuring Beldren and Unforgotten
A Road Less Traveled (A Blood Moon Rising Anthology)
        featuring Road to Darkness
The Very True Legends of Ol' Man Wickleberry and His Demise (An Ink Slingers/Book Born Anthology)
        featuring Out Walking
Shivers Down Your Spine Too (A NeoLeaf Press short story Anthology)
        featuring Weeping Hemlock
The Nightmare Collective (An IABE short story Anthology)
        featuring The Studio

No Longer Available:
Vampires of the World (A Bundle Rabbit Box Set)
        featuring Shades of Gray and Legacy of Ghosts
Nightly Bites (A Bundle Rabbit short story Anthology)
        featuring Verchiel: Never Ending Question
Creature Feature Anthology
        featuring Deal with the Devil

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