Recommended Order

Between short stories and novels, the Amaranthine series is pretty expansive. Though you can read them in any order you want, here is what I'd recommend:

1. Book 1: Shades of Gray
2. Book 2: Legacy of Ghosts
3. Vampire Morsels Short Story Collection
4. Book 3: Ties of Blood
5. Book 4: Ashes of Deceit
6. Heart of the Raven Mini-Prologue Collection
7. Book 5: Heart of the Raven
8. Tales from the Island: Six Short Stories
9. Book 6: Children of Shadows
10: Book 7: Clash of Legends
11: Patrick's Story: Brothers of Darkness
12: Road to Darkness short story
13: Thirteen Guests Short Story Collection
14: Book 8: Masque of the Vampire
15: Book 9: Goddess of Night
16: Tales of the Executioners
17: Honeymoon Havoc Short Story
18: A Different Time Short Story
19: Deal with the Devil: Jorick's Origin available to patrons on Patreon

Also check out the Chronological listing!

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