Short Stories

These are the Amaranthine shorts not included in collections. Some are available to purchase, others are special gifts to my fans. All are canon and add another layer to the Amaranthine world.

Weeping Hemlock

After a whirlwind romance, a young woman leaves her home for her new husband’s estate. Peopled by strange servants and her husband’s even stranger brother, the dim halls of the mansion soon turn her bright dreams into dark nightmares of a ghostly woman. Does her nightly visitor mean her harm, or does she bring a warning to save herself before she suffers the same fate?

Note: This story is only available to Patrons of Amaranthine on Patreon and participants in The Great Amaranthine Typo Hunt.

Deal with the Devil

Jorick dreams of leaving his native country but can’t raise the funds. When a mysterious foreigner arrives with a job offer - care for his animals and stay away from his house until sundown - it seems like an easy way to make the money. Except, something is killing the herd one by one. When Jorick sets out to stop it, he’ll discover the horrifying truth about his employer and will have to decide: Is the money worth working for the devil?

Note: This story is only available to newsletter subscribers.

A Different Time

It’s been two years since Lilith was defeated. Oren and Etsuko have settled down to raise the twins. Though Oren’s old fashioned sensibilities say it’s not official until they’re married, he’s painfully aware that the world – and women – have changed. Can he figure out how to pop the question in this “different time”, or will it be a disaster?

Honeymoon Havoc

The Amaranthine series may have ended, but Jorick and Katelina's life together is just beginning. Jorick is looking forward to the departure of their Japanese guests, so he can be alone with his new wife, when trouble shows up in the form of a redheaded Executioner and a vampiress who needs help. Will they ever find peace and quiet?

Road to Darkness

When seventeen year old Jenny's best friend is betrayed by her so-called boyfriend, a night out seems the perfect balm. What could be better than a concert where they're sure to meet some hot guys? But, after getting lost, there's no way they can make it on time - and no way they'll pick anyone up - until they find two boys stranded on the side of the road. Unfortunately for them, the guys aren't what they seem, and the girls get a lot less "fun" than they bargained for.

Note: This story is a companion to Brothers of Darkness. Though it can be read as a standalone, it makes more sense if it's read with the novel.

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